Police dispatch test on the death of BBC writer in Nairobi

Police are exploring the death of BBC writer Kate Mitchelle after her body was found in her lodging on Friday.

As per Nairobi police manager Augustine Nthumbi, the writer might have been choked by a man she had been seen with before.
“The police were brought in an observed the room locked from within. At the point when the officials on location broke the entryway, their starter discoveries were that the woman had been killed by strangulation,” he told Capital News on telephone.
He uncovered that Mitchelle may likewise have attempted to sound a caution during the battle inciting the man whose body was additionally found on the ground floor to bounce through the window as he escaped.
“On additional examination, the officials observed a wrecked window and when they glanced through it, the saw the body of an African man Mitchelle had been seen with on the ground,” he expressed.
The journalist was appended to the BBC Media Action’s office in Ethiopia which centers around recounting to stories on dangerous and illicit movement, wellbeing and media improvement.