President Uhuru And Raila Odinga Are Conmen – DP Ruto Says

Appointee President William Ruto has impacted President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party pioneer, Raila Odinga, for naming him a cheat of public cash.

Since the renowned handshake of 2018, Uhuru and Raila have cut connections with DP Ruto, and presently, they have been asking Kenyans not to choose him as president in 2022, saying he is a protected hoodlum of public cash.
In any case, talking in a gathering in Lamu on Tuesday, Ruto went mallet and utensils on the two chiefs, blaming them for lip service.
Ruto said Uhuru and Raila are ganging toward him but he helped the previous become President in 2013 and 2017 and the last Prime Minister in 2008.
“Didn’t I push Raila until I almost went to The Hague until he became prime minister? I pushed and pushed my friend Uhuru Kenyatta became president, Maraga brought trouble again and I pushed him until he became president? now the pixels have started naming me, I don’t know I’m a scoundrel, I don’t know I’m a thief.
The day I was supportive Raila Odinga said I was a good person, that day I had the support of Uhuru Kenyatta I was a good person.
Today I say help me hustler say I’m a scumbag. Aren’t these people scammers? let them go sir, ”Ruto said.