Rachel Shebesh Organizes Wedding Ceremony

On Saturday 30 October 2021, senior secretary in the ministry of youth and gender affairs Rachel Shebesh organized a ceremony to complete the payment of dowry at her parents’ home in Githunguri area of ​​Kiambu county.

The ceremony, which is known in the Kikuyu language as “Ngurario”, is important and now gives Rachel and her husband Frank Shebesh the opportunity to receive their daughter’s dowry.
The senior secretary was accompanied by his friends including senior secretaries of ministries of health and agriculture Mercy Mwangagi and Anne Nyaga.
Rachel said she has been married for 24 years now, has children and even grandchildren, is married to the Luhya community but her husband respects the traditions and customs of his Kikuyu community.
Saturday’s ceremony was organized as the first-time wedding ceremony which includes a section where many daughters appear to be completely covered and the husband is given the responsibility to choose his wife.
Rachel met Frank in high school Frank was in college and soon after graduating from high school, Rachel became pregnant and they have been together ever since. They are blessed with three children.