‘Rayvanny Is Very Good In Bed,’ Fahyvanny Reveals About Her Relationship With Her Ex-boyfriend Rayvanny

About a year after the news of their divorce hit the headlines, former Bongo star Rayvanny’s girlfriend, Fayma popularly known as Fahyvanny has opened up about their relationship before and after the marriage broke up.

Despite the fact that the two are clearly engaged, Fahyvanny has made it clear that she still loves Rahyvanny and claims that she believes the musician loves him too.
In an interview with Wasafi Media, Fahvanny said he does not have any hatred for his ex-boyfriend while explaining that they are now good friends.
“I don’t hate him and I love him very much. He knows I love him, and I don’t think he hates me. He loves me very much too. We are good friends” Fahvanny said.
Fahvanny explained that despite their unsuccessful marriage, they are still reunited with their four-year-old son.
However she vowed that she would no longer desire Rayvanny as her husband but there are some things she finds out about her ex-boyfriend.
“She has very good things, bad things are few. There are many things I remember about her .. when I was pregnant she used to treat me like a child. Fahyvanny explained.
Fahvanny also admitted that he really enjoyed their activity in bed while they were in a relationship while revealing that Rayvanny performed his role in bed skillfully.
“He’s never had a problem with male potency. He’s good in bed” Fayvanny revealed.
The mother-of-one admitted that her heart was broken and she cried a lot when Rayvanny introduced her current boyfriend Paula Kajala on Valentines Day this year through her social media pages.
“I said thank God, although it hurt a lot but I saw no reason to hurt. I said thank God you were the one who brought him and took him. I cried I will not be a liar. I was very hurt” admitted Fahyvanny.
She said that she currently has no relationship with any man and explained that she is not ready to venture into other relationships.
“I’m very single. I’m just on my job,” she said