Remmy Ongala Festival Organized in Tanzania

Remmy Ongala Festival Organized in Tanzania

Ramazani Mtoro Ongala, popularly known as Remmy Ongala, was a musician from Tanzania who called himself “Sura Mbaya” (Bad Chapter). He passed away in December 2010, and now his family has organized a festival to remember him.

His son by the name of Aziza and another named Tom spoke at a press conference where they explained that the event called “Ongala Music Festival,” which is the fourth phase, will last three days on August 5, 6, and 7 in 2022.

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Tom said he would have members of the band of his late father, Orchestra Matimila, who are still alive, like Mjusi Shemboza.

According to him, his late father begged them not to let his music fade, and that is why they have taken this step.

The festival will also provide an opportunity for other artists to showcase their talents.

He will sing the songs of his late father at that time.

Ongala is a native of the famous Congolese nation of the DRC, especially the Kindu area, which is located on the border of the country and Tanzania.

He traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for music in 1978, where he joined the Makassy Orchestra.

He later formed a band called Orchestre Super Matimila, where he harmonized the soukous music style with that of Tanzania.

In writing his songs, he focused on topics such as poverty, AIDS, urban sprawl, and families.

Remmy Ongala Festival Organized in Tanzania

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