Respect Your Spouse! – Otile Brown Advises Vera Sidika

Respect Your Spouse! - Otile Brown Advises Vera Sidika

Artist Otile Brown has tossed conceal at a hitched individual whom he says he’s attempted to regard their association by not talking about them.

In an Instagram post, the ‘Such Kinda Love’ hitmaker composed;

“Jaribu kumheshimu mumeo na kulinda ndoa yako kama ninavyojaribu kila unapotaja jina langu. Try not to get comfortable.”(Try and regard your better half and marriage, very much like I attempt to do when you notice my nameā€¦ )

In different occasions, Vera has been demanding she is on great conditions with her ex.

A fan said Vera’s child looks like Otile, “Huyo mtoto anakaa Otile niaje.”

In any case, the voluptuous money manager wasn’t annoyed with the idea, recently entertained that a fan could think like that.

She ignored the remark.

In another remark, she said she would uphold Otile’s collabo with Mauzo.