Sauti Sol’s continental European tour hits a rock

Sauti Sol's continental European tour hits a rock

Last year, the Sauti Sol band’s trips to the United States and the United Kingdom were canceled due to restrictions on the distribution of COVID-19.

It appears that the group is unlucky with the latest news of their 2022 trip to Europe.

Earlier this year, the group announced it would travel to Europe for a four-week tour of Europe, where they were expected to visit 10 countries on the continent.

On Thursday night, the group said the trip may have hit rock bottom after failing to obtain a visa in a timely manner.

“It is with great sadness that we discourage our fans and all those who hope to join us,” said a statement from the group.

The crisis in Ukraine has also been widely blamed for the postponement of the visit. Despite their timely application for a visa, the Ukraine crisis has contributed to the group’s failure to obtain the necessary documents.

The exemplary musicians, however, have promised their fans that the journey will take place in the future. Visit there website here.

Sauti Sol’s continental European tour hits a rock