Security Officers and Traders’ Awareness of Music Copyright

Security Officers and Traders Awareness of Music Copyright

The office of the executive director of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya – MCSK yesterday organized an awareness session with security officers and businessmen in Mwala sub-county of Machakos County yesterday.

Speaking at the session, MCSK executive director Dr Ezekiel Mutua warned against the use of artist songs in political campaigns before paying for them.

Mutua said this campaign period should be the time when artists earn the most because everywhere in the campaign music is used. He talked about the possibility of politicians being given bills to pay for the use of music.

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He went on to say that it is sad to see musicians die in poverty as their work is played everywhere in restaurants and even transport vehicles.

Mutua said he was pleased with the incident where police officers and businessmen were informed about copyright. According to him sensitization is an important pillar in ensuring that copyright laws are followed to protect the rights of artists.

Mr Mutua said their services were now available online from any part of the country with the aim of ensuring transparency and accountability.

He says in their offices there is no payment in cash and the required licenses to enable people to use music are prepared and paid electronically.