Shembeteng Sheng Words and Definitions on Nakulombotove

Shembeteng Sheng Words and Definitions on Nakulombotove

Nakulombotove Meanings – Sheng has been changing with each passing day. Changes to this Chinese term occur on a regular basis, so what you know today might be obsolete tomorrow.

When the gengetone genre was fresh and young in Kenya, Sheng flourished quickly. The young artists would employ sheng phrases and make up new terms in the same way.

There is another sheng language in town, in addition to the conventional shengs that most Kenyans fail to grasp.

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Kenyans have been confused by the new terminology this time around. The majority of social media users have a hard time understanding the “Shembeteng” language.

Kayole adolescents known as Jeshi Jinga were the ones who first introduced the language. However, it is unclear who sat and constructed this new language’s lexicon.
Please don’t worry if you still don’t comprehend what I’m saying. To help you interact with your pals, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common “Shembeteng” words.

A list of “Shembeteng” terms and their definitions follows:

  • Wambatangu Wambatangu Wambatangu Wambatang (mine)
  • Kizumbutungu (English)
  • Kakulombotove nakulombo (I love you)
  • Yambatako (yours)
    Lumbutuku is a term used to describe a group of (Drip)
  • Nakuhambatate nakuhambat (I hate you)
  • Kiambatasi kiambatasi kiambatas (a little)
  • Zombotote is a kind of zombotote (all of it)
  • Mazembete Mazembete Mazembete Maz (girls)
  • Mzimbiting is a term that refers to the act of mzimbi (a man, a father, or a father figure)
  • (Shosho’s grandma) Mshombotosh
  • (Mokoro’s mother) Mrombotoko
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  • Gembeteto (Gembeteto) is a (ghetto)
  • Jembeteshi is a kind of Jembeteshi (a group or a gang)
  • Lumbutuga is a dialect of the
  • Lumbutuga people.
  • Majumbutu is a word that means “abroad” in Swahili (Majuu)
  • In English, Mbatoyoyo means “f*ck you.”
  • Mkamba Mkamba Mkamba Mkamba M (Mkasembete)
  • Mafambatans’ fans
  • Jamaica, sometimes known as
  • Jamambataica, is a Caribbean country
  • located in the Caribbean.
  • Motorcycle Ndumbututhi (Boda Boda/Nduthi)
  • Rotembetejo is a town in the state of Portugal.
  • Arimbif is a wonderful companion.
  • Shimbitikwa has been apprehended.
  • Yours, Yambatako (Yako)
  • Kayombotole (Kayole) – Kayombotole (Kayole) – Kayombotole (K
  • In the Shembeteng language,
  • Madombotocho is another name for Madocho.
  • Mkisimbiti Mkisimbiti Mkisimbiti M (Mkisii)
  • Gembetenge (ngeli ya genge)
  • Jimbitinga (Stupid (Jinga))
  • Rumbutungu is a term used to describe a group of people who (money)
  • Kuntaka (Kuntaka) is a Japanese word that means ” (idiot)

Shembeteng sheng words and definitions on nakulombotove