The First High-speed Highway in East Africa Is Starting to Work Experimentally


The Nairobi highway linking Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with the city of Nairobi has begun to work on a pilot project.

The Chinese-built road is the first of its kind in the East African region, and is being closely monitored by locals in recent days.

People have said, “This road will help reduce traffic congestion between home and office, and it will help us get to the place on time. It is estimated that bus fares will decrease as well. There are many trails on each side of the road, so we hope the road can make our journey easier. I monitor the construction of this road every day. ”

After the Thika road was rehabilitated in 2012, the country’s economy began to expand, and even GDP increased by 5 percent annually. For now after the construction of the Express Way, I hope that the economy will grow stronger.

The First High-speed Highway in East Africa Is Starting to Work Experimentally

Nairobi Expressway. | PHOTO: FILE COURTESY

The senior leaders who come to international conferences here in Nairobi will be spending a very short time from the airport to Nairobi. Similarly, products such as flowers will be shipped very quickly to the airport for export. Due to the design, this road will attract a lot of investors. ”

“Since the Nairobi Express was built by the Chinese, it has been very interesting. It has made the city of Nairobi very attractive. Even I hope one day I will take a picture on Express Way to post on social media. I mean Nairobi at the moment is fun! Then also a good environment gives people the strength to work. This road is very appealing to Nairobi residents who will no doubt print their work well. ”

The road is not only an infrastructure project, but also a project related to people’s lives, increasing employment opportunities. George Karimi, director of the ETC road maintenance center, said 3,000 jobs had been created during the road construction project, benefiting 200 construction companies and hundreds of local construction equipment companies.

Bw. George Karimi said, “I can tell you that there are between 300 and 450 local staff at the center. At this center we have one Chinese employee.

The training we received is for this new system because this is the first time we have used ETC Kenya.

So we learned about this ETC device. The Nairobi highway is 27.1 km long with a speed of 80 km, and connects Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the hub of Nairobi’s business district, Kenya’s White House and elsewhere.

Once the road is fully operational, peak transport time will be reduced to 15 to 20 minutes from the previous two hours on Mombasa Road, which will significantly reduce traffic congestion and transport costs, and increase transport efficiency. in the city.

Samwel Ndungu is a talented construction engineer in Kenya, who has been involved in the construction of the Nairobi Express Way.

He explained the reason for choosing a Chinese company to build the road. Samwel Ndungu said, “Kenya has benefited greatly from China’s expertise in the construction of a highway network. Chinese companies have solid infrastructure that Kenyan engineers have no experience using. As a result, the Kenyan government has made significant strides in strengthening infrastructure and other projects to support its citizens such as the Nairobi Express Way. Apart from the Express Way project, other highways, exclusive bus lanes, local roads and other projects have been implemented by Chinese construction companies. ”

When Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta inspected the road in 2019, he said, the construction of the Nairobi road is a daunting task given the complex nature of the route.

As the first project of a partnership between the Kenyan government and the private sector and the public, Nairobi Express is being built by China Bridge and Road Engineering Company in partnership with the Kenyan government under the Construction, Operations and Transfer (BOT) program. In the project, China is responsible for investment, financing, engineering, construction, operation and renovation.

Recently, the first Nairobi city Marathon was held on the same road. At the awards ceremony, President Uhuru said thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure such as the Nairobi Expressway, the tourism, trade and investment sectors would also benefit.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, said, “The new Express Way we have built in our city of Nairobi will help us to end the traffic congestion that is plaguing our city of Nairobi as we further strengthen our city. In the experimental system, we will open this road.

Richard Mutisya has been lucky to be the first driver to drive his car on the road since it was officially opened.

Citizens can use it for cars. So my fellow Kenyans, the road will be open for cars and citizens. ”

The First High-speed Highway in East Africa Is Starting to Work Experimentally