The government is providing four billion shillings for the construction of new CBC classrooms

The Ministry of Finance has provided the first four billion shillings to the Ministry of Education to launch the first phase of a program to develop the basic structure of the new school education curriculum.

The money, which adds 1.2 billion shillings from the education ministry’s infrastructure fund, will be used to build 6,500 classrooms in 6,371 high schools across the country.
In a press statement, the minister of education Prof. George Magoha, said the government is committed to facilitating the transition of sixth grade students into high school in January 2023.
Prof. Magoha said a group of various organizations including the ministry of education, the ministry of national security and other government agencies had coordinated the project implementation plan.
The initiative to develop a new school structure for the new education curriculum is being implemented under a program to stimulate the economy in the country by using local contractors who live close to the respective high schools, to utilize community skills and enhance economic opportunities.