The lawyer shocked the court with a WhatsApp message from a ‘dead’ woman in a murder case

Lawyer Brian Khaemba astounded the court toward the beginning of today when he asserted that a Belgian lady whose customer has been accused of homicide is to be sure alive.

Khaemba, who addresses Lucy Waithera, who is blamed for killing Belgian Dysseleer Mirielle Lesoipa prevalently known as Leila, says the suspect has reached her and affirmed she is alive.
The homicide preliminary started on Tuesday.
The lady’s body has never been found and police accept she was scorched.
Khaemba needs DCI to check the number he reached earlier today at 6am.
As indicated by Khaemba, the lady says the two suspects in the dock are honest and ought to be delivered.
The indictment guarantees the data has not been demonstrated and that is only a case.
They say the data can’t be checked.
The indictment needs the case to proceed on the grounds that it is a way of confusing this issue.
The state says fundamental examinations show that the number isn’t enlisted for the sake of the expired and is enrolled for the sake of Newton Muendia of ID 35380572.
The state said they had data that it was a number around the Nairobi region.
“We are as of now noticing the owner of the phone to record the information and the lawyer should similarly record the information at the nearest police central command,” the public authority said.
Khaemba reacts by saying that he is astounded by the manner in which they handle his cases unpredictably.
“Imagine a scenario where the facts really confirm that the perished is alive my Lord?” he laid.
Furthermore he says he just assists the court with conveying equity.
Leila dwelled in Nakuru preceding evaporating early last year from her home in Blankets, Mwariki, Nakuru East.
Waithera was captured on February 1 2020 at his Milimani home in Nakuru where the expired dispersed bank cards and a duplicate of the demise testament was acquired.