The Series of Campaigns Today

This Series of Campaigns Today

The series of campaigns today – The Kenya First Coalition led by Deputy President William Ruto this morning visited Nyandarua County to sell its policies on economic recovery as the general election approaches.

Speaking at a rally for his supporters, Ruto pledged to ensure that brokers and monopoly groups were removed from farmers’ markets.

According to him, these people are the biggest obstacle to agricultural growth in Nyandarua County.

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The vice president also promised that he would ensure that farmers’ products such as milk, potatoes, and vegetables reach the market, especially through value addition.

The UDA leader also pledged to give priority to crop industries such as pyrethrum and cotton in the country.

The Union Declaration, led by a presidential candidate, set up camp in Bungomba County where it passed through areas such as Ndalu, Brigdia, Tongaren, and Naitiri.

He was accompanied by other coalition leaders such as Junet Mohamed Suna East MP and ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna, among many others.

Raila Odinga said if he came to power as president after the general election he would give priority to youth issues to ensure they are able to earn a living.

This, he said, will be achieved through a program to ask students to appreciate the skills they have acquired from everyday life rather than the skills they acquire in the classroom, namely Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Raila is confident that if the plan is fully implemented, then the unemployment problem will be eradicated in Kenya.

The beneficiaries of the program are the Sun people, tailors, hairdressers, car mechanics, and other technicians.

Raila, meanwhile, said he was committed to ending monopolies in the maize crop market in the country to benefit farmers and ensure food security at all times.

The Series of Campaigns Today