The ‘Squid Game’ outfits will be further sought online

The Korean film ‘Squid Game’ which was officially released on September 17, 2021, has so far led to the costumes and items used in the film, being searched extensively (Internet) for costumes and items to be used in Halloween.

The film Squid Game, which deals with children’s games and the deaths of actors in search of a lump sum of money, has shaken the global film market where, according to the world film network Netflix, the film has so far been viewed by more than a million people. 111 in the same network around the world.
If you were unaware of Halloween, that is; This is a celebration celebrated every year on October 31 to commemorate the people, the saints and those who were martyred for their faith. The festivities go hand in hand with people wearing scary clothes (horror), flirting, visiting places rather than cemeteries as well as visiting uninhabited places. People also tell shocking stories that shock others.
On the Christian side, celebrating Halloween by lighting candles and going to church praying and fasting to bless their dead, films like Spider, Joker and Harley Quinn occupy high positions leading to the number of people searching for clothing and items used in those films, via the Internet.