Two Police Officers Have Gone to Court to Protest the NPSC’s Wage Cuts

Two qualified police students have moved to court to overturn a decision by the National Police Service Commission to reduce their salaries.

John Kariuki and Meshack Mutukho complain that it was discriminatory for their salaries to be cut without notice.

Through Attorney Danstan Omari, the two claim to be active members of the police who joined in 2013 after the NPS announced.

“They joined the service as graduates who joined the ministry after graduating from their undergraduate studies at their universities,” Omari said.

They want the court to prevent the NPSC from further reducing the remuneration of qualified officers who were employed in the 2013 service from Group J to Group F.

The court compelled the National Police Service and IG to continue to pay officers who graduated in 2013 the same salaries as individuals in Group J as they were receiving before a unilateral decision to reduce their pay.

The two officers who have been serving in DCI officers since 2014 claim they were in Group J employment and have been enjoying an additional Sh1700 per year until their basic salary was reduced to that of people in Group F in March 2018.

The NPSC later refunded their payments to group J and paid them all the increased salaries.

“They continued to enjoy their same pay as Group J employees until November this year when they realized that their pay had been reduced to F,” the petition reads.

According to court records, the change in pay affects all qualified officers who were hired in 2013 and have not been promoted to auditors.

In one of the payment documents attached to the court order, the pre-deduction salary in October was Shs 95,250 but in November the salary was reduced to Shs 51,000.

Omari further alleges that there was no communication that NPSC would reduce its customers’ payments from Group J to Group F as the change was only reflected in their pay slips.

They want a declaration that the National Police Service Commission and the unilateral decision of IG to reduce the number of qualified officers hired in 2013 from Group J to Group F violates the law on administrative justice measures. (Source: The Star)

They also want the court to overturn the decision to reduce the payment of qualified officers employed in those services in 2013 from the Job Group to Group F disclosed through the November 2021 pay slip.