Watch the Leaked Nude Video of Bhadie Kelly

Watch the Leaked Nude Video of Bhadie Kelly

A popular 18-year-old tiktoker named Bhadie Kelly, whose twerking video went viral in May, is said to have released her s3x tape online.

Kelly Bhadie has been impersonated frequently on social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok since she gained notoriety.

Video of Bhadie Kelly

They had to fight for her once the tik-toker entered Limelight, despite not having met many people beforehand.

Her narrative was widely spread, and the claimed s3x tape she released set off a new craze.

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Kelly Bhadie, however, has stepped out to refute this supposed sextape of her and has made it plain that she is not the woman in the viral video.

She emphasized that she was unaware of the identity of the girl in the video. On the other hand, she criticized those circulating falsehoods for not using their heads to carefully examine the video and realize that it was not her.

With 4.8 million views, Kelly’s most watched video to date has her setting guys on fire.

In November 2021, she posted her debut TikTok video, which has amassed over 2 million views. She was wearing a black top that showed her belly button, waist beads, and low bending.

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Many others have copied Kelly’s dancing moves and fashion choices online, and her fan base is constantly expanding.

Watch the Leaked Nude Video of Bhadie Kelly

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