When Did You Do Something For Kenyan Music More Than “Utawezana” Eric Omondi to Femi One

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The comedian’s statement Eric Omondi recently released on the entertainment industry in Kenya has been seen to spark a huge online debate in the country.

Eric Omond claimed the Kenyan art factory is dying because of overcrowding of artists’ concerts, from outside the country when indigenous artists end up playing a show at bars.
Worse still, they become accomplices to foreign artists’ concerts and end up being paid very little, which is why Kenyan art is considered cheap.
The statement has aroused artists such as gangster Juacali Genge and Femi One hit maker of “Utawezana” who tagged Omondi telling him to stay, Tanzania for two days has been trained in acrobatics and started insulting Kenyan artists while urging Omondi not to do so so that respect remains.
Eric responded to Femi by starting to wonder where he found the strength to speak for the president (President of Comedy Africa) while asking him one last time to do something meaningful in music other than his “Utawezana” song which was also by Mejja genge and Azziad Nasenya, also claiming he would not answer Sun Cali because he is a Legend so he is protecting his Honor.