Willy Paul Launching ‘The African Experience’ Album On Friday

Willy Paul Launching The African Experience Album

Kenyan music artist Wilson Abubakar Radido has finally announced that he will release his album “The African Experience” this Friday, November 26, 2021. The album, owned by Saldido Records, was originally scheduled to be released on October 22 this year. 2021 but the artist postponed the whole operation. The artist apologizes to his fans for making them wait so long.

He has released one of the songs on the album which is known as “Ogopa Wasanii“.

The list of songs on Willy Paul’s album remains with the number one hit “Aheri Mama“, number two is “Nimelemewa” featuring Juma Jux from Tanzania, the third is “My Woman“, the fourth is “I Love You” collaboration between him and Daphne a musician from Cameroon, number five is “Meremeta” followed by “Unusual” which he sang with Kelly Khumalo from South Africa.

Poromoka” is ranked number seven while number eight is “Competition” which Willy Paul sang with Eddy Kenzo of Uganda. Number nine is “Ile Ile” and number ten is “Sorora” which he sang with Fik Fameika of Uganda. The hits “Fear Artists“, “Police“, “Give Me“, “Ayaya“, “30 bob”, “Toto” and “Tupewe Pombe” are numbered 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 respectively.

The African Experience has a total of 17 songs and the only ones he has included are five artists, a small amount compared to the name he chose for the new work.