You picked me up and washed me – Eric Omondi’s message to Teacher Churchill as he celebrates his birthday

Daniel Ndambuki, better known as Master Churchill, is celebrating his birthday today.

Of course Mwalimu has raised many comedians in the country, with some of them succeeding in life.
Among those artists are Eric Omondi, Butita, Mammito, Cartoon Comedian, Otoyo, Chipukeezy, Hamo, Jemutai Among others.
Comedian Eric has texted her as he celebrates his birthday saying that he picked her up and showed her the way.
He also said that he would thank her forever, since he would not be Eric if he were not a teacher.
Here is his message;
“Happy birthday FADHE🎂🎂🎂 would not have been Eric Omondi without you. You picked me up at the Athi River and washed me and showed me the Way and I will thank you forever Master.
“You are the one who built me. But the problem you brought to Kenyans is that we are to blame for this. Your child is bothering the whole country. Happy BIRTHDAY. Let me find you today so we can do the thing. THEN TOMORROW WE ARE THERE QUAVER LOUNGE for BIG LAUGHS @mwalimchurchill, “Eric wrote.
After the Master saw his message Eric replied and told him to make the Kenyans more happy.
“😂😂 You said aaaaa I am to blame😂😂 Just right..Thank you and more to please those same Kenyans ..” replied Mwalimu.