Young people are urged not to be used to disrupt peace in the country – Nithi Muthomi Njuki

Tharaka County Governor Nithi Muthomi Njuki has called on the youth to ensure they are not misused by politicians as the nation prepares for the next general election.
Speaking in Maara sub-county at a ceremony to hand over business equipment to youths, the governor said some politicians would take advantage of the youth and use them for their political gain.
He called on the youth to focus on existing business opportunities instead of sitting idly by a move that will lead to them being exploited by politicians.
“There are many types of businesses that you can get involved with, such as, for example, operating a boda boda or even having butter,” the governor advised the youth.
At the same time the governor pointed out that his office has partnered with the Uwezo youth fund, the women’s development fund and savings and credit organizations, to provide loans to young people to start businesses.
According to the governor, the move will enable young people to earn money to improve their businesses and thus ensure economic growth and sustainable development in the county.