Zari: I Underwent Surgery to Improve My Body Figure

Zari: I Underwent Surgery to Improve My Appearance

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has for the first time revealed that she underwent surgery to further improve her figure.

In a press conference shortly after his arrival in Tanzania, Hassan pointed out that the surgery was not uncommon and that people should not be surprised that he underwent surgery to reduce his stomach. Despite making this public, the mother of five did not specify the type of surgery she underwent.

“You know, in Africa we pretend we are shocked, and these things we have found white people do, and the surgery they do is not bad, and some people take it in a bad way.”

But if you speak in English, it’s just to enhance yourself to look better. No one wants to look bad or look ugly. So if you can afford the cost to beautify yourself, why not do it? “said Zari.

Zari took the opportunity to reprimand her accusers for being too old, but she hid in makeup and cosmetics to make herself look younger.

I’m the most beautiful person. I’m just thinking they are bitter and insecure, and that’s to direct their insecurities toward me. You see me face to-face and I am beautiful. “You can’t hide. If you are old, then you are old. I look more beautiful than my pictures on my Instagram,” said Zari.